More than half a century of history and experience


We are among the first Italian construction companies thanks to the construction of significant structures throughout the territory, the use of cutting-edge machinery, the constant search for innovation and national certification guarantees.


we provide paving services, construction of structures and infrastructures, canalizations, jerseys, construction and maintenance interventions of parking areas, refueling areas, taxi-ways, runways and hangars in civil or military, national and international airports and heliports.


we have carried out some of the most important structural and infrastructural works in our country and also in other European countries thanks to the experience gained in using the special machinery we have.


NORDPAVI provides engineering, construction and special flooring services aimed at creating management and usability systems for any type of environment. We are able to provide integrated solutions and infrastructure design. We develop feasibility studies, basic engineering, detail engineering, field engineering, logistics and support for military, industrial and civil projects. We are advocates of innovation, we formalize technological, feasibility and engineering studies for prototypes and pilot plants, we promote the development of new technologies up to industrial application, (with an eye to the circular economy, decarbonization and energy transition). Continually implementing the role of excellence in the provision of infrastructures, engineering and construction projects with particular attention to the timing of implementation, innovation and technology, NORDPAVI ranks among the top 10 national companies for safety requirements, use of machinery of exceptional size and quality certifications.


NORDPAVI is a company in constant updating on materials and technologies, with over half a century of experience specialized in the study and development of concrete floors, a fleet of machines capable of giving flexible answers to the most diverse logistical and square footage needs, perfect knowledge of matter and its possible declinations: these are the distinctive features that make NORDPAVI s.r.l a company of excellence in the world of large flooring, with particular reference and specialization in the airport sector. To the excellent references for technological updating and research and development of materials, specific qualifications are added that make NORDPAVI a reference company of high reliability, both for the direct client and for any intervention partners. Always oriented to the highest quality of the result, dynamic, flexible, perfectly capable of intervening both in Italy and abroad, NORDPAVI realizes construction and maintenance of parking areas, refueling areas, taxy way, runways and hangars in national and international civilian and international airports and heliports and military.