Expansion of Lampedusa Airport aprons

The extension project of the Lampedusa airport was carried out in three forgeries.

The first phase involved the construction of the entire perimeter road that surrounds the airport grounds, previously unpaved but essential for site logistics.

In the second phase, the two “Touch Areas” previously made of asphalt, but not suitable for supporting the aircraft loads of the new low-cost airlines, which during the summer season connect the island to numerous national hubs, were demolished and rebuilt.

As a final intervention, Nord Pavi created the first slipform flooring on the island of Lampedusa, facing the numerous logistical challenges that arose.

All the materials necessary for the realization of this last phase were in fact transported by ship from Sicily, which is about 8/10 hours of navigation.

Finally, the extreme versatility of GOMACO COMMANDER III made it possible to create a fiber-reinforced flooring with a thickness of 35cm, all the castings were made using truck mixers as there are no concrete plants with premixer on the island.