Galleria Mandria Vecchia Motorway Siracusa-Gela Sicilia-Italy

The Mandria Vecchia tunnel, built on the new motorway section that will connect Syracuse to Gela, is today one of the very few tunnels in Italy that complies with the new European guidelines in terms of safety and construction materials for the tunnels.
The flooring commissioned by the CAS (Consorzio Autostrade Siciliane) and by Cosedil Spa was built between winter 2021 and finished in early spring 2022.
A 20cm thick monolithic concrete / fiber-reinforced C32 / 40 XC3 layer in S1 consistency class, spread with one of our best pavers:
The GOMACO COMMANDER III with its small size and its enormous versatility has made it possible to create a spiral-shaped flooring with slopes that touched 5% transversely and 4% longitudinally.
The average advance was 200m per day for a width of 5m, thus making a total of 18592m2 divided into two pipes with 2 lanes and one emergency lane. Finally, an aqueous solution based on modified lithium silicates was installed which, penetrating into the porosities and reacting chemically with the free lime present in the cement-based substrate, creates a dense microstructure, resistant to abrasion and chemically more durable, further increasing the useful life. of the pavement.