Hydraulic junction Rivotta-S.Gottardo Udine-Italy

Reconstruction works of the main channel in the section between the Rivotta hydraulic node and the derivation of the secondary channel of San Gottardo.

Facing the stringent timing given by the irrigation periods, Nord Pavi with the use of a Wirtgen SP250 was able to carry out in advance the construction of about 10000m of banks divided into two different types, made with reinforced concrete, with a production daily average of 250m / day.

The slipform technology used in this project radically reduces execution times, being able to almost completely eliminate the formwork phase, which usually takes up 50% of the construction time of an artifact.

Furthermore, with its own internal workshops, Nord Pavi is able to design, modify and create any type of formwork in order to be able to give shape to your every need.