Minsk Arena Minsk-Belarus

Nord Pavi has been working on the development of the assigned project since 2007
to the Biellorussa company MINSKPROMSTROJ which contracted the design and construction of the plate
of ice at Emicon Ref srl in Bologna.

The oval has an area of ​​11,517 square meters (a regular ice rink is about 1800 square meters), used for speed competitions, curling, Russian hockey, and in case of competitions it can be transformed into two regulation ice hockey fields for pre-match training and warm-up phases.

The flooring of the skating slab was divided into 2 castings delimited by over 1000 linear meters of drainage channels, the first casting of 5291 m2 and the second of 6226 m2 with a consumption of 1800 cubic meters of concrete, which went to cover the approximately 200 km of refrigerant pipes.
The particularity and difficulty of creating this type of flooring is given by the need for that
is free of joints and that the concrete has no shrinkage or expansion.
The monolithic floor was made in a single casting with a highly technological concrete that N.P. developed entirely in Italy.
Given the particular climatic stresses to which the surface is subjected that bring the concrete to
the surface of the flooring has been subjected to strong temperature variations with a high risk of deterioration, it has been armored and smoothed with a particular mixture of pure quartz, cement, anti-evaporation additives and microfibers, developed specifically for this work.

The casting phase of the second part of the oval, that of over half a thousand square meters, lasted
13 consecutive hours, to end with the smoothing of the floor which ended 20 hours from the start
some jobs. To carry out this part of the work, the NP brought eighteen specialized floor workers and four technicians to Minsk.

The Arena, defined as the jewel of the president of the time, is still the largest ice hockey stadium on the European continent with a capacity of 15,000 spectators.