Restoration work at Marco Polo Venice-Italy Airport

In the first months of 2020 all of Italy was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, in this period Nord Pavi Srl was engaged in the construction of the new logistics platform in Trieste, where however the works were suspended with the Dpcm of 9 March which ordered restrictions for the entire country, which became a single red zone.

One of the first consequences due to the adoption of these new security measures was the almost total paralysis of civil air traffic,

never a moment had it been more propitious for the SAVE Spa Group to carry out the maintenance that usually would have compromised the functionality of the Venetian port.

In just 3 days, showing great flexibility, Nord Pavi Srl and its technicians were able to reconfigure the Slipform Gomaco Commander III, preparing the construction site and completing it in just one week, facing all the logistical difficulties that characterized those tragic ones. days to our country.

A total of about 5000sqm of fiber-reinforced airport flooring was built, which came into operation with the end of the first phase of the pandemic.