Trieste Logistics Platform

The project commissioned by Icop Spa involved the construction of 12 ha of flooring with Slipform, of which 8 he created by covering a stretch of sea and 4 ha with the reclamation of a very degraded area.
The “on earth” pavement was made with a 5m wide formwork 35cm thick and omega joint to counteract the movement due to the dynamic loads of the post-container forklifts.
More complicated was the installation on the “sea” platform consisting of a post-tensioned slab 55 cm thick, with a capacity of 6 t / m2.
Supported by insulators on 733 poles, of which 655 diam. 1,270 mm and 78 diam. 1,100 mm, about 40 m deep, and in a fixed part with a thickness of about 1 m resting in the central section on pre-existing caissons and at the ends on 129 poles with a diameter of 1,600 mm that go up to the rocky layer.
In this context, Nord Pavi Srl, collaborating with the technical staff of Icop and Alpe Progetti, laid 84000sqm of flooring thanks also to the extreme flexibility of the GOMACO COMMANDER III, capable of creating more than 1000sqm per day with 4 variable thicknesses between 9 and 18 cm.
All the flooring was glued with a special agarppo resin.